Episode 260: Mosel Riesling Comparison with Ewald Moseler

Episode 260 makes 5 years of weekly content for WISB! It’s strange for us to even say it, but we’re thrilled to say that we’re still having fun. We’re also very grateful for the kind responses we get about the show, and are happy to be sharing our exploration of our favorite wines with those


Wine Is Serious Business 259: A Visit To Weingut Peter Lauer

While in Germany, we were able to do an interview with Florian Lauer, the wine maker for Weingut Peter Lauer. We discussed a bit of his estates history, and taste a range of wines including entry level wines, dry style wines, and his lovely Kabinett that was sent to the VDP auction. Chas was also

Blind TastingGuestPinot Noir

Episode 258: Blind Pinot Noir From 2012

Chas picked out three bottles of Pinot Noir from 2012, and our friend Matt joined us for the tasting. When he said they could be from anywhere, he got us thinking about world wide producers, but in truth, all three are pretty close to home. This show features the 2012 J. Christopher Lumiere Pinot Noir,


Episode 257: Interesting White Wines from 2013

This week we have a tri of wines from interesting sources. The 2013 Analemma Gewurztraminer is from the Atavus vineyard, which sits at 1700 feet above sea level, The 2013 Tantalus Riesling is from the Okanagan Valley in Canada, and the 2013 Ovum Corral Creek Vineyard Riesling is grown in the Loess soil of the


Episode 256: The Search For The Great American Riesling 17

Dan picked up three new bottles of small production Oregon Riesling for this week. We’re happy to be able to try some new things all at the same time, and to see what new producers are going with Riesling here. We taste The Pressing Plant 2011 Dry Riesling, the 2013 Jasper Sisco Clara Estelle Cherry


Episode 255: A Visit With Weingut Herbert Pazen

While in Germany, we were invited for a visit with Reinhold and Gisela Pazen of Weingut Herbert Pazen. Our friend Ewald Moseler has been bringing these wines into Portland alone for quite a few years, and they have always been enjoyable. Reinhold was more comfortable answering questions in German, so we just went with it.


Episode 254: Some Entry Level Oregon Pinot Noir From 2013

Chas picked three bottles of current release Pinot Noir for this week’s show. All three are around $20 and all three producers make a number of Pinots at higher price points. So, this is a good chance to check out some entry level offerings. We taste the 2013 Ken Wright Cellars Willamette Valley Pinot Noir,


Episode 253: Blind Sparkling Wine For The New Year

We had a good time tasting blind sparkling wine last year, and it was well received. The decision to do it again was easy. Thanks to Matt for the Japanese monkey blind bags. We now have two sets of blind bags to choose from! Chas picked out the wines, so they were single blind for