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Blind Tasting

Wine Is Serious Business 310: Fancy Blind Bubbles

We’ve heard a lot of hype about the Analemma Blanc de Noir sparkling wine, so we decided to give it a real blind test. We put it on the table with three hand picked Champagnes from Matt’s collection. We get full on blindfolds, and Joy is kind enough to help us with the pours. In

GuestOther Wines

Episode 308: Klima Introduces Great Wines from Tallya In Tokaji

Andrew and Aaron recently started Klima Weinhändler, a wine import business based in Portland. We made a connection over Riesling, but for this show, they wanted to share some fantastic bottles from the Tokaji region in Hungary. These are all new to us, and we were really impressed with the depth and quality of these

Pinot Noir

Episode 307: Pinot Noir Three Ways

We pulled together three bottles that we were very excited about for this week’s show. All three come from producers we’re fond of, and are bottles we either were excited to try, or excited to share with you. We’ve got the 2013 Kramer Brut Zero Dosage, the 2014 Analemma Pinot Noir Rose, and the 2014


Episode 306: A Mix Of Oregon Riesling

We wrap up our Riesling Invasion shows with 3 more from Oregon. Together we had a mix of wines, all from new-ish producers. We taste the 2015 Paetra Riesling O, the 2014 Ovum Riesling Memorista, and the 2014 Alexana Revana Vineyard Riesling. See you at the Riesling Invasion! If you don’t win tickets next week,


Episode 305: Moar Riesling!

We continue to talk Riesling to promote the 2016 Riesling Invasion on July 23rd. Chas went on a shopping spree during the day, and picked out 4 bottles for this show from 3 different countries. From Austria, we have the 2014 Alzinger Loibenberg Federspiel. From the USA, we’ve got the Teutonic Wine Company 2015 Crow


Episode 304: Newer Productions of Oregon Riesling

Our last show talked about New Zealand Riesling, this one brings us back to Oregon. We taste wines from two producers who are brand new to the valley, and one from an old producer that doesn’t always have Riesling as part of their line-up. The new wines are 2015 Rieslings with the K from Paetra,


Episode 303: New Zealand Riesling With Justin and Erin

Our friends Justin and Erin visited New Zealand on vacation, and brought back some of their favorite Rieslings from a wine tour. We were all excited to talk about them on the show, and were happy to see great quality and interesting flavors in these wines. We taste the 2014 Pegasus Bay Aria, the 2009

Pinot Noir

Episode 302: Pinot Noir From Goodfellow Family Cellars With Marcus

When we went out to visit Marcus for Episode 274, he offered to discuss some recent Pinot Noir releases as well. We couldn’t refuse, but said that this interview would air well after the previous one. The wines are no longer new releases, but his insights are as fresh as always, and we’re very happy