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Episode 334: New Love & Squalor Single Vineyard Wines

Matt Berson of Love & Squalor wines reached out to us to do a show about some new wines he made, and we’re happy that we were able to find a time to make it happen. He’s loved blending every wine he’s released in the past, but with these wines, he was inspired to bottle

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Episode 333: Trying New 2014 Oregon Pinot Noir

Dan picked up a trio of bottles that are new to the show. We’ve tasted pleny of wine from Evesham Wood here before, but not the Mahonia Vineyard. We also have wines from two producers that we hadn’t tasted here, or otherwise, and were excited to try; the 2014 Willful Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, and

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Episode 332: 2015 Ken Wright Pinot Noir

Chas picked up a three pack of Ken Wright’s recent 2015 single vineyard Pinot Noirs. There’s definitely a big reputation behind these wines, and we like to try some every year to get a taste of what he chose to do with the vineyards he’s had for years. Chas picked out the Freedom Hill, the


Episode 331: A Mix Of Wine

After some time away, Dan picked a mix of wines for this show. The Tripod Project in Portland always makes fun wines with input from three great local wine makers. This week, we taste their Triple Fist Gamay Noir. Daniel Immich has been a favorite German producer since we met way back in Episode 175.

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Wine Is Serious Business 330: Matt’s Champagne Leftovers

Matt wanted to drink some Champagne with us this week, and we were really impressed with what his selections. We hope you get a chance to try one or two of these in the future, because they were all showing well. We taste the Pierre Peters Blanc de Blancs, the Eric Rodez Blanc de Blancs,

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Episode 328: A Mix Of Current Releases

This week we have a trio of wines Dan was interested in. All three come from local producers who have done well for themselves over the past few years, making interesting wines with a distinct style. We have the 2015 Bow & Arrow Le Chenaie Sauvignon Blanc, the 2013 Johan Visdom Chardonnay, and the 2014

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Episode 327: Tasting Vancouver Island

Dan visited Vancouver Island this past summer, and visited a few wineries while he was up there. It was fun to talk with people in a very new wine region, and fun to taste the different things they’re growing as they learn about the possibilities of the region. For the show, we taste the 2014


Episode 326: Suntory Hibiki Whisky With Matt

Our friend Matt is a big fan the Hibiki Whisky from Suntory in Japan. For a while, we’ve been resisting the idea of putting more whisky on a show, but he finally talked us into it. We’re glad that he did. We’re far from experts, or even educated about whisky, but we really enjoyed tasting